Applications For Transforming Your Smartphone Into An Ultimate Personal Assistant

Save time and focus on what matters most – your business. Outsource your routine admin tasks to virtual assistants who can handle a wide range of responsibilities. From scheduling appointments to writing articles, these apps will free up your schedule and boost your productivity. Need help with social media management, bookkeeping, or gift research? Look no further. Virtual assistants have got you covered. Forget about endless to-do lists and start using apps that will help you have more time for yourself.


Discover the incredible power of Google Now – the ultimate intelligent personal assistant. Available for iOS, Android, and even on personal computers through Chrome. Set geo-triggered reminders, store boarding passes, and check the weather effortlessly. Plus, the latest version boasts barcode scanning and song recognition capabilities. If you happen to misplace your essentials, Google Assistant can effortlessly assist in locating them. It’s constantly evolving, thanks to machine learning, to provide increasingly valuable and personalized results. With the expanding list of smart devices integrating Google, controlling your smart home has always been challenging. Experience the power of this intelligent voice assistant today.

Call Recorder For iPhone

This app is the ultimate free call recording app for iPhones. That’s right, no charges whatsoever. Enjoy unlimited, high-quality recordings with no hidden fees or annoying ads. And the best part? You can record both incoming and outgoing calls, with no restrictions on call length. Plus, you can easily share and export your recordings using popular cloud storage services. You can find it on iOS App Store without wasting a lot of time. The app only charges when you want to transcribe your calls. Start using this call recorder for iPhone today and experience the freedom of hassle-free call recording.

Capture authentic client testimonials in their full glory without any compromise. Utilize your smartphone’s built-in microphone and voice-recording software to record testimonials in real time. Alternatively, use this iOS call recorder to take notes directly on your phone. Remember to obtain your client’s permission before sharing their testimonial with the world!

Dragon Go

This powerful app is not only the best at speech recognition, but it also eliminates the need for human assistance, which makes it an invaluable tool. With Dragon Go, you can effortlessly draft emails, texts, and memos while on the go. Forget about the hassle of typing and enjoy the unparalleled accuracy of this tool. Plus, you can sync Dragon Go with popular streaming platforms like Netflix, iTunes, and Spotify for convenient voice control. Don’t settle for less, choose Dragon Go for all your dictation needs. You can use it together with an app that records phone calls.

With Nuance’s advanced technology, Dragon Go understands your search intent, providing tailored results instead of generic responses. Discover the best websites and enjoy seamless integration with your social networks. The app’s speedy and flawless user interface will leave you amazed. Challenge its voice detection capabilities, and you’ll find it impossible to outsmart.


Besides using an iOS call recorder, you can stay organized with this seamless and free app. It combines your tasks and calendar, making scheduling a breeze. No more forgotten events thanks to auto-generated reminders. Share notes and content with friends effortlessly. Now available for Android users, this app won’t leave you indifferent. Sync with your favorite apps like Facebook to never overlook a bill, event, or task. Stay on top of everything with automated reminders. 


You can enjoy the ultimate hands-free voice control with vokul. Forget about tapping your phone to activate voice commands like Siri. Simply say “hey vokul” and watch the magic happen. It works perfectly in noisy environments like your car or the office. Want to catch up on your social media feeds or skip ahead in a song? Just ask vokul. Plus, it’s the only 100% hands-free voice control app out there. It will enable you to circumvent restrictions and embrace effortless control.


This handy personal assistant app is inspired by Batman’s loyal sidekick. After installing this powerful voice-recognition app, you can use a variety of features, including the ability to find affordable parking. Robin can also guide you with directions, send messages hands-free, and keep you updated with the latest news from its intelligent newsroom. Get ready to challenge Siri with Robin, the new leader in personal assistant technology.


If you have already installed an app that records phone calls, don’t miss out on potential sales from on-the-go customers. This smartphone app revolutionizes payment processing. With Square, you can accept payments directly from your customers’ cards, right from your phone! It’s free to download for Android or iOS and plugs into your phone’s audio jack. Best of all, funds are transferred directly to your bank account. The only small fee? Square takes just 2.75% from every sale. Don’t let sales slip away!


Experience the convenience of 24me Smart Personal Assistant with just a few taps! Create your user account effortlessly using your Facebook account. Gain access to your Contacts, Calendar, and Current Location, allowing for seamless organization. The sleek interface perfectly complements iOS, making navigation a breeze. Easily access Calendar view, Tasks, and Reminders or Alerts with just three icons at the top of the screen. Recent upgrades have enhanced functionality, converting tasks to events and vice versa. Stay on top of your daily tasks by adding new ones with a simple tap on the plus icon.  Turn your phone into a powerful helper and stay on top of your busy life with 24me.


This app’s extensive range of features will impress you and boost your productivity. Forgot your laptop in the office? No worries! With the MightyMeeting app, you can upload your files to the cloud and present them directly from your phone. It doubles as a phone assistant as well. Don’t stress about compatibility issues – you can also use LogMeIn to present straight from your office computer. Stay prepared and present seamlessly!

Using these personal assistant apps, you can stay organized, record your calls, and control your smart devices with little to no effort. Install them today and streamline your workflow in a few taps. They won’t take up a lot of space on your device, which makes them perfect for those who use a variety of apps for managing their tasks. Experiment with different solutions and select the one that suits your needs best.

David Huner
David Huner
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